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I Believe in Jesus, Can I Be Possessed by Demons?

The phenomenon of supernatural is quite intriguing. For some, it’s a realm that is tangible, for some it’s abstract, for some it’s merely psychiatric. However, there are far too many incidents that occur around the world, that it’s hard to brush it aside plainly, or discard the theory as tomfoolery. Read on.

The Scent of Worship

The story of Mary breaking a jar of perfume and anointing Jesus at Bethany in John 12:3, is as much a cliché to many as much as it is enthralling! It’s akin to those tight lipped society aunties who shake their heads disapprovingly, looking…

Do You Really Have Faith?

Here’s a text from the New Testament teachings of Jesus, that I have recently been meditating and even ministering from. Please join me in understanding these three basic yet important aspects I have learnt from this text. Luke 18…