Oct 6, 2017 | Prayer

Genesis 18:32-33 NLT

Finally, Abraham said, “Lord, please don’t be angry with me if I speak one more time. Suppose only ten are found there?” And the LORD replied, “Then I will not destroy it for the sake of the ten.” When the LORD had finished his conversation with Abraham, he went on his way, and Abraham returned to his tent.

Series: Prayer Bargain

We have been studying about the prayer bargain that Abraham had with God. He is looking for people like Abraham who would stand in the gap on behalf of their lands and willing to see their lands revived, healed and blessed. Moses, Apostle Paul and Jesus are some other examples of people who interceded for others during their earthly times.

Since Intercession doesn’t always have immediate results and hence looks ineffective on the outside, most people don’t prefer intercession these days! But the bible says God sees what we see in secret and he will reward us in public. He will reward us with Revival!

In today’s scripture, we see the conclusion of Abraham’s conversation with God. It really was a dialogue between them, with exchange of information, ideas and even change of plans and strategies as a result of the conversation.

When Abraham said, what if there were only 10 righteous people in the city, will you spare the city for the sake of the 10. God says, yes I will spare the whole city for the sake of the 10. I honestly believe that Abraham could have pushed or bargained for an even smaller number.

Let’s assume that God wouldn’t have budged more than this number. Theologians believe there were close to 10,000 people living in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah during those days. If that be true, the proportion of God saving the city is 1:1000.

If we are talking about India, this is a country with 1.28 Billion people. If God can find one in 1000 people who are lovers of Jesus and persistent to see revival in their community, then our nation will change for good, with a revival and a breakthrough. The same goes for whichever nation and city you are praying for. We can really hold on to this verse a promise!

Whatever you see with your eyes of faith, you will begin to see that, walk in it and live it with your actual physical eyes! Let’s pray and work towards it!

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